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About me

This is the page made for someone who must be really bored to want to know about me. Ok, to get right down to the nitty gritty, I was born in Florida June 13, 1987. I was born into a family of two brothers and no sisters. In case you haven't guessed, I'm a girl. Well, my Dad has watched Michael preform since he was a kid. Michael and my dad are the same age too. (Just thought you'd like to know that.) Well, when my dad would play Mike's songs, I would bob my head to the music.

Ok, now that we got the boring stuff done and through, I became a Michael fan shortly after I could talk. I've always wanted to meet michael, but never had the honor of seeing him in person. Well, My aunt has though. She saw Michael preform when he was a kid and in the J5 group. She even has pictures of it too!(I'll try to scan them and put them on the site if she doesn't kill me first for touching the pictures.)

Ever since I can remember I have tried to sing and dance to michael's music. Sadly, I sing like a dying Cat, so as you can tell I don't have that talent. But, I am a half way good Michael Dancer. I still have to get the moonwalk and side-walk down. Well, for fun I put on a white button down shirt, white V-neck shirt, black pants, and dance shoes and show all my friends how to dance like mike. I have proved my place as a dancer through dancing many years like mike. It introduced me to Broadway, Jazz, Tap and all sorts of different styles.

I have also been introduced into talking to people about Michael which opened me up to many friends which I have today. I found one of my real talents in lip-sync and Dancing through Michael's songs. I have also done some designs for my friends and hopfully one day, for Michael by my talent in art.

Well, that's about my big ol' story. Pretty long isn't it? Well, as you can also tell, I am a comedian. Well, not professionally but still. You get the picture. So, I hope you had some fun reading about my life. SEE YA!

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