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Michael Dreams

Ever had a dream about Michael? Well, we want to know about it! Send your dreams Here.

Dream #1

I had a dream that I was up in a tree. (I know weird already.) And Michael walked up to the Tree and asked if he could climb up with me. I said "Sure." So he sat on a branch beside me and pulled out a pencail and a peice of paper. I looked over his shoulder and he was writing a poem or song, Not really sure. Anyways, I asked him what the title of it is going to be, and he asked 'What's your name?" I told him my name and he said "Then, that's the title." It was Very, VERY cool! Then my mom woke me up! The nerve! She didn't know that I was asleep when she knocked on my door. ::sigh:: I just wish I had more time to spend with Mike.

Dream #2

Well this dream was about Mike when he was in the "Bad" era, and we were at the beach. Michael was swimming in the water, looking totally gorgeous as always, and then my sister came into the scene and sed "hey Mikey baby, how bout u and me go out back and who knows...." then Michael J. Fox came out and sed "nah, take me instead, i can move parts of MY body without me even knowing..."
-MJ Fan

Dream #3

I had a dream that, I was waiting in my mom's car, while she was picking up some dominoes pizza, and then on the corner of the building Michael was leaning against it, trying to hide himself, but he didn't fool me, I yelled to him, " Hey could u help me with something?" Then he came, and sat next to me in the car. We were talking about everything, (o ya and for some reason my mom took like an hour to get the pizza lol) Then I asked him if he would sing a song for me, and he said " only if u sing one for me" so i sang speechless. Then he sang it for me. And then he said he was trying to hide from someone, and he asked if he could stay at my house for a night, and then my mom came with the pizza and i woke up.

Dream #4

Hey there MJ fans! Here's a dream I had...

Ok well this probably sounds really stupid, but I thought you might like to know! Okay, I was with Michael (Bad era, not that he's not gorgeous now!) and he was wearing his 'Bad' outfit. Chris Tucker was there with us, and he had one of my friends there with him. Chris was on a date with her, and I was on a date with Michael! (Lucky me!) We all got into this really nice car, kinda like a shiny new jeep, and a guy was driving. He drove us to the city, and just went through the streets for a while. (It was at night by the way) Chris and Mike were talking and laughing, and I was just sitting there looking at Michael and thinking about how gorgeous he looks etc! Then, Michael looked at me and smiled, and he put his arm around me!! I hugged him, and then the guy driving took us to a night club. It was kinda like the club in 'Smooth Criminal' only bigger. So Chris, my friend, me, and Michael sat down at a table and we all got a Coke each and started talking. Michael asked everyone what they wanted to do, and Chris suggested that we all dance to the music that was playing. Suprisingly, no one came up to Michael to get his autograph or anything - they just left him alone. They knew who he was, but they didn't approach him. After a while, my friend and I sat down at the table again because we were getting tired from dancing, but Chirs and Michael kept dancing. Mike was doing all his great moves, and Chris wanted some attention so he tried to imitate him! He did it in a really funny way, and he had everyone laughing! Finally, Michael noticed that we werent dancing anymore, so he came and sat down with us and asked if we wanted to do something else instead. We all agreed to go to see a movie, so we got up and left the club. I walked out, and Michael walked next to me and held my hand! I felt so happy, and I didnt want to faint or anything! Michael kept smiling and he looked absolutely perfect. Then we went to a supermarket and bought some chips and drinks, and then we went to the movies. We had a whole cinima to ourselves, so we just acted stupid and didnt watch the movie. (I think the movie was Cats & Dogs, hehehe) But sadly, before anything else could happen, I woke up!!

Im sorry that was so boring, but the next time I have a way better dream, I'll let you know! I hope thats ok for now though!
Luv ~Sasha~

Dream #5

Hi.I'm Laura Mickens and this is my dream.

I dreampt Michael was at the roller ring skating so bad. But I knew it was MJ because I seen a lot of pictures of him. Nobody was there but me and MJ. Anyway, I was skating so good that he called me over there. He said '' Hi can you help me skate as good as you?'' I said ''Sure and I know your Michael Jackson.'' So I helped him and we fell in love and our eyes met together.Later we went to the night dance club. He wanted me to dance with him and I said yes. The music was slow and we shared a kiss and it was so perfect that he wanted to see me again. So we had a nother date and we ate at his house. I loved his house so much. Then he asked about marrage. Then he turned into a zomby like on THRILLER! I wanted to see what happened after that but I woke up. It was so perfect why did it end.Oh well!

OK I was at my school and every girl was in athletics playing dodge ball and then Michael walks threw the door and starts playing with us! It was time to restart the game so all the girls held up the balls in their hands and so was Michael and when the whistle blew we all turned around and started throwing the balls at him! He was rolling on the ground laughing as we all picked up our balls and kept throwing them at him.(all the girls were laughing with him) We were all having a great until the FBI came and told him that they were there to arrest him because he was playing with kids. So before they took him away he hugged and kissed a few girls good bye and promised he would come back someday. Then as he came towards me I said, "Bye Michael, I love you." Then he bent down to hug me and then he kissed me on the cheek and said, "I love you more." After a few more minutes of hugging and saying good bye the FBI started to take him away. Right before he left he turned his head towards me and smiled has if to say, "Don't worry, I'll come back." Has they FBI drug him towards the door all the girls in the room started to cry and that's when Michael turned around one last time to cry with us.
-Elizabeth Napper