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Are you Michael Jackson?
Sadly, no I am not Michael Jackson, though I am a loyal fan of his.

Will there be music on the site anytime soon?
Yes. I am trying to get Billy Jean or You are not alone to play on the front page and some songs to download.

Can you get me an adress or phone number or something so I can talk to Michael?
Now that I can do. I do have Michael's Address, but so does about a billion other people. You may not get a responce even if you send over a hunderd letters. So, just e-mail me and I will send the address to you.

Will you update Pictures?
I am always on the look out for new pictures to post. When I get ten new pictures, I will update. I feel it's kind of silly to just update with only one new picture.

How often do you update the news?
The news is always being updated, but I really have to wait until I have it confirmed that the news is not a rumor but fact before I place it on the site.

Do you have pictures of Michael's Kids?
Yes, I have a picture of Prince Michael, but I will not publish the picture onto the site at the request of Michael.

Will you ever get music videos or anything to download placed on the site?
Well, because of the costs of today's sites, I will sadly only have about one to two music videos at a time to download. Please don't lose faith in Michael online. We will try our best to give you as much info. and things on Michael as we can.

Do you have a place where I can contact the webmaster of the site?
Yes. The e-mail is or for a more faster reply by a 'worker' e-mail