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Fan Poetry

All Poetry was written by Fans for Michael

King of Pop

His songs are like being hugged
Songs that make you feel loved
Showing his kind heart
Never growing apart

He will be remebered, forever
Printed words will never sever
The connection we had

Words that were never true
Though few
Believed, the real fans never have doughted
That the King of Pop
Will always ROCK!

Written by :Kristin B.

Shinning Star

The star was never in the sky,
It will never die
It will always shine bright
Even in the dead of night

It will dance to no end
Showing it will never bend
To the words printed on the morning news
About lies that were never true

Giving all it's might
To help us in the night
Protect us from the Hate
From Hell's gate

It's my shinning star
It's no ordinary rock,
It's called the King of Pop

Written By:Kristin


Childhood, is a thing that can never be replaced,
Childhood, are the years of a young face,
the mind so young
the voice is sung.

Childhood are years when other teach
when we are preached,
we learn the days
we don't need pay
We jump and swing
on the jungle gym

But, what if we never had a childhood?
What is so good
That we lose our childhood?
That it was stolen from us
mostly by a tour bus
But we live it again,
so it begins
So late in years,
without drugs, bottles or beers
but with the fan's cheers

Childhood, so fragile in time
worth more then a dime
Money can never compare
To a late, rich childhood fair
Of friends, Family and Fans



Who is this man
who walks among us?
He's always on TV
His every move in every paper
For all the world to see

Who is this man
who we all recognize?
He seems to be so sad
Some people believe he's a saint
Others believe he's mad

Who is this man with angel eyes
and a voice that's just as pure?
He moves and sings with confidence
But confident?, I'm not so sure

Who is this man who begs the world
to help him make things better?
Some laugh at him and call him "freak"
Some send him lots of letters

Who is this man?
Yes, he's just a man
Not immortal in any way
He feels hurt like anyone else
because of all the things they say

Who is this man who cries for love
for other peoples' children?
He was once a child himself
But was too busy making a living

Who is this man who longs for companionship
from someone just like him?
Does that exist?
I'm sure it does, but where and how and when?

Who is this man who does not know
how people really act?
'Cause when he's there they act like fools
and lose all sense of tact

Who is this man who seems so lonely
Though he's surrounded all the time?
He can't even visit friends or family
Without autographs to sign

Who is this man that with every breath
seems to cause a reaction?
He's the King of Pop
But he's human, too
He's Michael Joseph Jackson

Joli R. 5-22-2003