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Children show me in their playful smiles the divine in everyone. This simple goodness shines straight from their hearts. This has so much to teach. If a child wants chocolate ice cream, he just asks for it. Adults get tangled up in complications over whether to eat the ice cream or not. A child simply enjoys.

What we need to learn from children isn't childish. Being with them connects us to the deep wisdom of life, which is everpresent and only asks to be lived. Now, when the world is so confused and its problems so complicated, I feel we need our children more than ever. Their natural wisdom points the way to solutions that lie, waiting to be recognized, within our own hearts.

- Michael Jackson

copyright 2001 Exclusively Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson set up The Heal The World Foundation in 1992 to help heal the world by starting with the children.
The foundation has 3 main goals:

1)To make to safety, health and development of children the world's highest priority.

2)To be the voice of the voiceless by focusing world wide attention on the needs and rights of all children and to provide children with a forum to express their unique vision for healing the world.

3)To help create a world where children will live without violence, where children will be free of disease and have healthy lives, and where each generation will have the opportunity to grow into fully participating members of the world community.

The Heal The World Foundation works together with other established and recognized charities both locally and internationally to share in providing the needy and disadvantaged in the world with adequate assistance and support.

Since 1992, the Heal The World Foundation has performed many roles, and worked with many organizations. The following list is a small number of the activities that the HTWF has performed:

Airlifted 47 tonnes of winter and medical supplies to the children of Sarajevo in association with AmeriCares; 1992.

Airlifted 30,000 "shoe box gifts" and relief supplies to the children of Bosnia; 1992.

Developed a children's relief initiative titled "Heal LA" in collaboration with Cities In Schools, Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America, the BEST Foundation, Watts Health Foundation, and the Partnership for a Drug Free America in order to aid in educating young people about issues surrounding AIDS, and drug abuse, as well as to provide mentors and immunization; 1993

Launched an initiative, in association with Sega to provide more than $108,000(US) worth of computer games and electronic equipment to children's hospitals, children's homes, and charities across the United Kingdom; 1993.

Airlifted 60,000 doses of children's vaccines, in association with the Gorbachev Foundation to Tblisi, Georgia; 1993.

Together with Unihealth, the Los Angeles Immunization Coalition, and Discovery Toys, provided vaccines and toys to children left homeless by the Los Angeles earthquake; 1994.

Donated washers, dryers, and soap to 25 non-profit organizations, in association with General Electric, Lever Brothers, and Surf Wash to familes affected by the Los Angeles earthquake; 1994.

Treated over 400 children and their familes to a day at Universal Studios together with the Salvation Army; 1994.

Paid for a liver transplant for a four year old Hungarian boy, Bela Farkas; 1995.

Sponsored 46 youth from 17 countries to gather at Neverland Valley Ranch to hold a two-day conference discussing the issues of drug abuse, AIDS, homelessness, violence and child abuse; 1995.

Together with the Children's Congress youth ambassadors, report to the UN Commitee on the rights of the child; 1995.

Shipped 2 pallets of toys to children in war-torn Bosnia and Hercegovina in association with the International Rescue Committee; 1995.

Launched the 'Heal The Kids' initiative designed to inform and coordinate international action among parents to encourage them to dedicate their lives to their children to provide them much needed love and attention; 2000.

Visit Heal The World's website at:

Contact Information for Heal The World:

6 East 39th Street
10th Floor
New York, NY 10016


Phone: (001) 212 792 6255
Fax: (001) 212 792 6257

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