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Michael's News Room

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October 18, 2002

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Next Movie 'Invincible'!
'Red Dragon' director Brett Ratner has revealed that Michael Jackson asked him to direct the music video for 'Invincible', which Ratner says is the 'next single';

"Michael Jackson has asked me to do his new video, so I'm hoping I can fit it in before I start production on 'Superman'. We're good friends. (sings)'You are not alone!'

The new single is called 'Invincible'. Kind of like 'Dangerous'!

But actually I'm going to put Michael Jackson for sure into 'Rush Hour 3'. What Joe Pesci was to 'Lethal Weapon', he's going to be to 'Rush Hour 3'. He'd love to be in the movie!"

Michael Buys a Coffin?
According to the British tabloid newspaper, The Sun, "Michael Jackson has bought a coffin for his funeral! Saying "MICHAEL JACKSON has splashed out £22,000 on a gold-plated coffin. The singer picked the ornate design from a catalogue after popping in to an undertaker’s in Las Vegas. Jackson then asked shocked workers to ship the box to his Neverland Ranch in California. He apparently bought the coffin for use at his own funeral." What do you think this means or doesn't mean?

Yet Another nose job?
That's right. Michael's nose is in the news yet again! It's in the article below that explains why most fans think Michael may have a new nose job.

The Michael Watch by the Las Vegas Journal

Michael Jackson's much-modified nose is making news again.

When Jackson stepped out of a limo last week at the Guinness World of Records Museum, spectators were surprised to see a bodyguard immediately place a small umbrella in front of Jackson's face as they walked to the museum.

This wasn't about hiding his identity because Jackson has been uncharacteristically fan friendly since his Las Vegas stay at the Four Seasons Hotel began about two months ago. The umbrella was to keep the sun off Jackson's bandaged nose.

An ill-mannered customer asked Jackson what was up with his nose. No one would have blamed Jackson for moonwalking away from the nosey questioner. But he answered, according to my spy, saying he "had another surgery."

Michael Agrees to an Interview
Showbiz Editor, SUNDAY MIRROR

MICHAEL Jackson has allowed TV interviewer Martin Bashir to question him about his extra-ordinary life.

Bashir, who famously quizzed Princess Diana for the BBC, is the first person the singer has allowed to interview him at his Neverland mansion in California.

He has already flown to the US to visit Jackson several times and recorded half of the candid chat for ITV's Tonight With Trevor McDonald.

Bashir plans to return at the end of this month to carry out the final part of the interview.

The journalist nicknamed Basher because of his tough style had been trying to interview 44-year-old Wacko Jacko since he came to Britain in June to visit Exeter Football Club with his friends Uri Geller and magician David Blaine. Through Uri, Bashir slowly persuaded the star.

Now Jackson considers Bashir to be one of his friends.

The interviewer hopes to convince Jackson to talk about his plastic surgery and the sex abuse allegations that have blighted his career.

So far the interview includes the first-ever tour of Neverland as well as Jackson teaching Bashir to moonwalk.

What about Michael's Nose Jobs? All across the internet there has been a rumor of a board cast that will personally make Michael's rep. even worse then it is already by the press and Tabloids. This boardcast could even cause more of a stir about Michael then the Child case about in 1992!
This is about Michael's personal life and his face. That's right his face. About his nose jobs. The picture below is of a speacialized computer image of how Michael might have looked if he never had any nose jobs or didn't become white.

It is going to air on Channel 5. The places I can clearly say it will air on is in U.K. and England. As a michael fan please do not watch this show. It is another way for the press to shoot down Michael. Despite all Michael's fans calling in and mailing letters to the station, the station says it will not be put down on because some of Michael's fan don't like the boardcast. The station hopes to gain rateings by airing this garbage.
There will be more information later on this story. I still need to confirm some of the dates and quotes from both Michael and the Station before more can be put up. Thank you.

Michael Jackson Says Industry Labeled Him 'Freak' At Harlem Summit

Pop star attempts damage control, maintains conspiracy theory.

NEW YORK — Hot on the heels of Saturday's controversial press conference during which he called Sony Music chairman Tommy Mottola a racist, Michael Jackson returned to Harlem on Tuesday (July 9) to address artist rights.

As part of the Music Industry Initiative summit, Jackson appeared at the Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network to lend star power to the fight for better contracts, royalties and distribution for black artists.

But with Jackson's fight with his record label and his personal attacks on Mottola overshadowing the purpose of his alliance with Sharpton and attorney Johnnie Cochran (see "Michael Jackson Shocks Al Sharpton By Calling Tommy Mottola A Racist"), the summit came off more like a vehicle for damage control than a constructive outlet for record industry reform.

Trying to take the focus off of himself and his accusations that Sony failed to promote his last album, Invincible, Jackson addressed criticism that his alliance with Sharpton was born out of self-interest and not out of a genuine interest in the plight of black artists and civil rights. Saying that the record industry system was corrupt, Jackson again spoke of a conspiracy that not only keeps black artists down but also co-opts their music and dance forms.

"I'm tired of the manipulation," said Jackson, who would not allow the media to tape his brief remarks. "The press has manipulated the truth. They're liars. History books are a lie. You need to know this, you must know this, that all forms of popular music, from jazz to rock to hip-hop, and dance, from the jitterbug to the Charleston, are black. But go down to the corner bookstore, and you won't see one black person on a cover. You'll see Elvis Presley. You'll see the Rolling Stones. But where are the real pioneers?"

Citing Otis Blackwell as one such pioneer deserving of larger recognition, Jackson said that there was something terribly amiss in a system that would find Blackwell dying penniless despite having penned such classics as "Don't Be Cruel," "All Shook Up" and "Great Balls of Fire." "They didn't write one book about him that I know of, and I've searched the world over," Jackson said. "And he was a prolific, phenomenal writer."

Jackson then said that as soon as he started gaining power, the system that once propped him up started working to destroy him. "Once I started breaking sales records," he began, "I broke Elvis Presley's record, I broke the Beatles' record — once I started doing that, overnight, they called me a freak, a homosexual, a child molester. They said I bleached my skin. They did everything they could to turn the public against me. It's a conspiracy."

He added, "I know my race. I look in the mirror, and I know that I'm black."

Before Jackson's speech, Sharpton exhorted the 300-person audience to consider not just how much record labels spend on their artists, but also where and how. Jackson echoed Sharpton's call for discussion and action when he asked the crowd to not forget why they were assembled.

"Let's not leave this building and forget what was said," Jackson said. "Let's do something about it. ... And remember, we're all brothers and sisters, no matter what color we are."

Sharpton then called upon the crowd to break into discussion groups to address issues such as royalties and distribution. At this point, however, Jackson — escorted by Sharpton and Cochran — left the building. This caused a slight disturbance as those attending attempted to follow them — some almost toppling a speaker stack on the trio, some even chasing his car down the block — leaving the actual work of the summit for another day.

"What more can I give" released onto the net

"What More Can I Give?" has been released onto the Internet this week, following last week's protests about the single not being released by Sony Music. Fox News wrote an article surrounding the single and brought an audio version of the song to the Internet for fans to take a listen. You can download this song by visiting the Fox News' website

Quote: "Now that Jackson is off Sony Records, the only question that remains is why doesn't some other enterprising record company step in and release What ore Can I Give? as a first anniversary tribute to the Sept. 11 families? It would seem appropriate. I can't believe that the artists who participated wouldn't sign off on such an effort. If the Sony performers who are involved can't obtain releases from their companies, then public sentiment would dictate a boycott of their regular records."

"What More Can I Give?" was originally written by Michael as a tribute song to the victims of the September 11th tragedies in the USA and was recorded in the Fall of 2001 by many celebrities in English and Spanish. Although the track was completed late last year, Sony Music refused to release the single and it has yet to make a commercial release.