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HIStory/Ghosts (from Michael's "HIStory" & "Blood On The Dance Floor" albums)
Blood On The Dance Floor (from Michael's "Blood On The Dance Floor" album)


Stranger In Moscow (from Michael's "HIStory" album)
They Don't Care About Us (from Michael's "HIStory" album)


This Time Around (from Michael's "HIStory" album)
Earth Song (from Michael's "HIStory" album)
You Are Not Alone (from Michael's "HIStory" album)
Scream/Childhood (from Michael's "HIStory" album)
Why (duet; from 3T's album "Brotherhood")
I Need You (background vocals; from 3T's "Brotherhood" album)
Quo Funk (background vocals; from Quo's "Quo" album)


Gone Too Soon (from Michael's "Dangerous" album)
Will You Be There (from Michael's "Dangerous" album & the "Free Willy" soundtrack)
Bonus CD Sampler (featuring Who Is It/Black or White/Jam/In The Closet/Give In To
Me/Remember The Time/Rock With You/Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough)
Give In To Me (from Michael's "Dangerous" album)
Yeah (backround vocals; from Eddie Murphy's "Love's Alright" album)
Whatzupwitu (duet; from Eddie Murphy's "Love's Alright" album)


Heal The World (from Michael's "Dangerous" album)
Jam (from Michael's "Dangerous" album)
Who Is It (from Michael's "Dangerous" album)
In The Closet (from Michael's "Dangerous" album)
Remember The Time (from Michael's "Dangerous" album)
Someone Put Your Hand Out (Pepsi promotional single)


Black Or White (from Michael's "Dangerous" album)
Do The Bartman (background vocals; from The Simpsons' "The Simpsons Sing The Blues" album)


Liberian Girl (from Michael's "Bad" album)
Leave Me Alone (from Michael's "Bad" album)
Smooth Criminal (from Michael's "Bad" album)


Another Part Of Me (from Michael's "Bad" album)
Dirty Diana (from Michael's "Bad" album)
Man In The Mirror (from Michael's "Bad" album)
Get It (duet; from Stevie Wonder's "Characters" album)


The Way You Make Me Feel (from Michael's "Bad" album)
Bad (from Michael's "Bad" album)
I Just Can't Stop Loving You (from Michael's "Bad" album)


We Are The World (USA For Africa single)
Wait/She's Out Of My Life (Live) (from the Jacksons' "Victory" album)
Got To Be There (from Michael's "Got To Be There" album - re-released)
Eaten Alive (background vocals; from Diana Ross' "Eaten Alive" album)


State Of Shock (from the Jacksons' "Victory" album)
Torture (from the Jacksons' "Victory" album)
Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming (duet; from Jermaine Jackson's "Dynamite" album)
Somebody's Watching Me (background vocals; from Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me" album)
Don't Stand Another Chance (background vocals; from Janet Jackson's "Dreamstreet" album)
Centipede (background vocals on Rebbie Jackson's "Centipede" album)
Farewell My Summer Love/Call On Me (previously unreleased single from Motown Records)


Thriller (from Michael's "Thriller" album)
P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing) (from Michael's "Thriller" album)
Human Nature (from Michael's "Thriller" album)
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (from Michael's "Thriller" album)
Beat It (from Michael's "Thriller" album)
Billie Jean (from Michael's "Thriller" album)
The Man (duet; from Paul McCartney's "Pipes Of Peace" album)
Say, Say, Say (duet; from Paul McCartney's "Pipes Of Peace" album)
Happy/We're Almost There (from "The Best Of Michael Jackson" album - re-released)


The Girl Is Mine (from Michael's "Thriller" album)
Someone In The Dark (from the "ET Storybook" album)
State Of Independence (background vocals; from Donna Summer's "Donna Summer" album)
Don't Let A Woman Make A Fool Out Of You (background vocals; from Joe King
Carrasco's "Synapse Gap" album)


Can You Feel It (from The Jacksons' "Triumph" album)
Walk Right Now/Your Ways (from the Jacksons' "Triumph" album)
Time Waits For No One (from the Jacksons' "Triumph" album)
Just Friends (duet; from Carole Bayer Sager's "Sometimes Late At Night" album)
Goin' Back To Alabama (background vocals; from Kenny Rogers' "Share Your Love" album)
One Day In Your Life/Take Me Back (from Michael's "Forever, Michael" album re-released)
We're Almost There/We've Got A Good Thing Going (from Michael's "Forever, Michael" album - re-released)


She's Out Of My Life (from Michael's "Off The Wall" album)
Girlfriend (from Michael's "Off The Wall" album - UK only)
Lovely One/Bless His Soul (from The Jacksons' "Triumph" album)
Heartbreak Hotel (from The Jacksons' "Triumph" album)
This Had To Be (background vocals; from the "Brother's Johnson "Light Up The Night" album)
I'm in Love Again (background vocals; from Minnie Ripperton's "Love Lives Forever" album)
All I Do (background vocals; from Stevie Wonder's "Hotter Than July" album)
Save Me (background vocals; from Dave Mason's "Old Crest On The Wave" album)
Got To Be There (from Michael's "Got To Be There" - re-released)


Rock With You (from Michael's "Off The Wall" album)
Off The Wall (from Michael's "Off The Wall" album)
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (from Michael's "Off The Wall" album)
You Can't Win Pt.I & II (from "The Wiz" sountrack)
Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) (from the Jacksons' "Destiny" album)


Different Kind Of Lade/Find Me A Girl (from the Jacksons' "Goin' Places" album)
Even Though You're Gone/Different Kind Of Lady (from the Jackson's "Goin' Places" album)
Blame It On The Boogie/Do What You Wanna (from The Jacksons' "Destiny" album)
Be A Lion (duet; from "The Wiz" soundtrack)
Ease On Down The Road (duet; from "The Wiz" soundtrack)
Destiny/That's What You Get (For Being Polite) (from the Jacksons' "Destiny" album)


Show You The Way To Go/Blues Away (from The Jacksons' "The Jacksons" album)
We're Almost There/Just A Little Bit Of You (from Michael's "Forever, Michael" album - re-released)
Dreamer/Good Times (from the Jacksons' "The Jacksons" album)
Goin' Places/Do What You Wanna (from the Jacksons' "Goin' Places" album)


Enjoy Yourself (from The Jacksons' "The Jacksons" album)


Forever Came Today/All I Do Is Think Of You (from the Jackson 5 album "Moving Violation")
Just A Little Bit Of You/Dear Michael (from Michael's album "Forever, Michael")
We're Almost There/Take Me Back (from Michael's album "Forever, Michael")


I Am Love Pt.I & II (from the Jackson 5 "Dancing Machine" album)
Whatever You Got, I Want/I Can't Quit Your Love (from the Jackson 5's "Dancing Machine" album)
Dancing Machine/It's Too Late To Change The Time (from the Jackson 5's "Get It Together" & "Dancing Machine" albums)


Get It Together/Touch (from the Jackson 5's "Get It Together" album)
Hallelujah Day/You Made Me What I Am (from the Jackson 5's "Skywriter" album)
With A Child's Heart/Morning Glow (from Michael's "Music And Me" album)


Corner Of The Sky/To Know (from the Jackson 5's "Skywriter" album) Ben/You Can Cry On My Shoulder (from Michael's "Ben" album)
Lookin' Through The Windows/Love Song (from the Jackson 5's "Lookin' Through The Windows" album)
I Wanna Be Where You Are/We've Got A Good Thing Going (from Michael's "Got To Be There" & "Ben" albums)
Little Bitty Pretty One/If I Have To Move A Mountain (from the Jackson 5's "Lookin' Through The Windows" album)
Rockin' Robin/Love Is Here And Now You're Gone (from Michael's "Got To Be There" album)


Sugar Daddy/I'm So Happy (single only - not released from an album) Got To Be There/Maria (You Were The Only One) (from Michael's "Got To Be There" album)
Maybe Tomorrow/I Will Find A Way (from the Jackson 5's "Maybe Tomorrow" album)
Never Can Say Goodbye/She's Good (from the Jackson 5's "Maybe Tomorrow" album)
Mama's Pearl/Darling Dear (from the Jackson 5's "Third Album" album)


Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/Christmas Won't Be The Same This Year (from the Jackson 5's "Jackson Five Christmas Album" album)
I'll Be There/One More Chance (from the Jackson 5's "ABC" & "Third Album" albums)
The Love You Save/I Found That Girl (from the Jackson 5's "ABC" album)
ABC/The Young Folks (from the Jackson 5's "ABC" album)


I Want You Back/Who's Lovin' You (from the Jackson 5's "Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5" album)


Big Boy (released on Steeltown Records