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Awards I've won

Awards for you

All this week i will be handing out Awards to sites I think are the best in each of the sections below.

For, News sites the requirements are to have the news updated atleast two times a week, the most up to date news on Michael. Also, to have pictures of the events.

For Pictures, you must have atleast 100 pictures of Michael. The picture must have Michael as a child, teenager and Adult. It must also have atleast 20 concert picture and 10 event pictures.

For Info. You must have facts about Michael such as Birthday, Birth place. Also, his lyrics, ablums, singles and j5 records.

For layout, it must be a clean layout. No pop-ups for mis-scripted or errors. Must be able to work on almost all browers and users friendly.

You can enter your site Here and as the subject put what section you want to try out for. If you want to try out for all of them, just use your subject as 'ALL'. Thank you.