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By:Kristin Bender

It was about 8:00 in the morning on September 11th 2001. It was a normal morning. Cars zoomed by on the streets, people carried on as usual. A baker made a sale to a woman in a cafe shop. Another person bought a coffee. Some people waved for cabs to pick them up for work. Business went on as usual.

In four different airplanes in the sky, it was not another usual day. 19 men, each on different planes, highjacked them. This was the begining of one of the most horriable accounts in History to take place on American soil.

At about 8:46a.m. Eastern time the whole great nation of America, came to a stand still. The usually bussy streets of New York, fell to complete silence. The only thing to be heard were people whispering 'Dear God.' Smoke started to fill parts of the streets and rumbling was heard across the whole city.

The thing that stopped the nation was the site of a plane crashing into the World Trade Center's North tower. On lookers were in complete shock at what had just happened. The question on about everyone's mind was 'How did this happen?'

Many people grabbed a cell phone and called home to tell everyone what happened. Some people started to cry, others started to run away from the towers. Even some got out video cameras and cameras to record what was happening.

One of the top floors, where the plane hit, turned into a ball of fire and smoke. The metal inside the tower started to melt under the heat of the flames. People, trapped above the plane, screaming. Some died from breathing in the smoke, others died from the flames of the fire. One of the most devistating site, was a person near the top, waving a white towel outside of a window. Trying to get help.

People above, trapped, were calling home to their Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, Husbands and Wives telling them they loved them with all their heart, before smoke and fire took their lives.

The mayor of New York, came to the towers. The site was too much to bare. People started to jump out the windows. The only thing that could be heard was the popping of their bodies when they hit the ground.

"It is hard to imagine someone so deperate that they would choose to die that way." Said the Mayor as he watched someone else jump, transfixed on the person as they hit the ground.

One conversation from the second building was of a mother calling her son to tell him what happened. The last thing her son heard from her, before the second plane hit was 'Oh Jesus.' This happened at about 9:00a.m.

Over in Pennslyvainia, at Capital Hill, a meeting was going on. It was a private meeting between the Senates. In about the middle of the meeting, the 'Aids' ran into the room. The first thing that one of them said was 'A plane just hit the World Trade Center'.

One of the Senaters looked out the window at that time. What he saw, shocked him. Out the window he could see gray and blue smoke.

What he saw was the smoke from the Pentagon. A plane had just crashed into the western wall of the building.

At this point everyone in America knew, that they were under attack.

The senates were rushed out of Capital Hill. There was another plane about 20 minutes away heading in their direction. The police and FBI were taking action to save the Senates. What they didn't know was that action was already being taken.

There was a call to a woman. She answered the phone and it was her son on the other line. He was currently on flight 93, fling over Pennslyvainia. What he said was 'Mom, this is Mark. There are three poeple who took over the plane. You believe me right?'

He was onboard the plane that was heading to Capital Hill. The conversation of others were being taking on that airplane. One with an operater because he couldn't get through to his wife. Over the phone the operater heard their plan of taking to plane back so those people couldn't kill anyone else.

The last voice the operater heard was 'Let's Roll' as the people banded together and crashed the plane into a grassy feild in Shanksville PA. 40 crew and passengers were killed.

In New York, firefighter and police men were working their way up the towers to help the people who were trapped in the towers, get out. What they didn't know was that one of the towers had, had too much weight and presser put onto it. It rumbled right before it fell down.

One of the great towers which took about a year to make had just fallen in under 20 seconds to become nothing more then a large mound of rumble and dust.

As it fell, dust and debree come onto the streets, pouring onto them. The dust covered everything in it's path, inhauling all the air and everything in it's wake. The dust came up to about 3/4 of the height of the tower. It stretched almost a mile around the tower.

When the dust settled, hardly anything was left uncovered by the dust. Even people were covered head to toe by the gray and brown colored dust. Some people were trapped in the rumble under the fallin tower.

A heliocopter circled around the site. The man inside said 'Holy shit. The whole tower is Gone! It's just gone. I can't believe it.'

That was still not the most surprising thing to happen. From the second tower, people trapped above the 70th floor were stuck between metal and fire. Some of them jumped from the building. people trying to escape from the building had to use a different way out because of how many were jumping. If they walked out the front door, they would be crushed from a person's body falling on them.

Just past 10:00a.m. the second tower fell. When that happened, the total death rate of just firefighters alone was at 344. People on the lower floors were trapped down in the rubble. Including a few firefighters, policemen and victims.

When the dust had settled, it was complete silence. Nothing could be heard. It was one of the most eeirest moments of that day. People started to shake themselves of the dust. Those who made it out from under the rubble, were covered in dust and some in blood. It looked like a warzone.

At 10:04a.m. the World Trade center was no more.

After about 15 minutes, you could hear the whistles from Firefighters packs going off. The sounds were coming from fallin firefighters. Most were dead, but the whistles still worked. There were about 120 whistles that were going off in the rubble. It sounded almost like crying.

Search parties were formed, but after weeks of trying to find a person alive, there were only about 10 people who survived the fall of the towers. It was a complete loss. The death toll was at over 3 thousand.

At the Pentagon, there was a total of 184 found dead.

9/11 would become the date that no one will ever forget.

One year later

The rubble from the towers has been completely removed and the Pentagon, restored. The place where the towers were, is now called 'Ground Zero'. A momerail service took place to honor those who have died. Bag pipes were played from Queens to ground Zero.

In Florida, people lined the shore holding flags high above their heads. A speech was made where the opening was 'These colors don't run.' The list of names of people who died were read. It took nearly three hours to say them all.

There was a 'Circle of Honor' at Ground Zero were people who were victims or who knew the poeple who died lay down flowers, metals, cards, pictures, crosses and many other things. The thing that is most memerible is when a man jumped into the middle of the circle and placed a flag in the center. Then another man did.

In the middle of the 'Circle of Honor' there were three flags, with flowers placed around them. People who came, grabbed some dirt from the ground and took it with them.

As the bands played, the names read and the flowers placed, the last part of a speech was read.

"May God bless the Victims and May God Bless America."