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Letters to Michael

These are letters to Michael that I have been recieving for awhile. In case you haven't read the FAQ, I'm NOT Michael Jackson. I am just a loyal fan of his and hope to meet him some day. But, I will however, send any letters I get to Michael himself and the responces I get back will be posted in RED below the letter sent to me. Questions I answer, will be posted in GREEN! I hope you enjoy!

Dear Michael,
I've been a great fan of yours! I love your music and love your dance moves! I think you're the greatest person on earth!
Love, Ashley

Dear Ashley,
I'm happy to have recieved a letter from you. It is always great to read a letter from one of my fans. It brings me such joy to know that people like you love my work in both music and dance. Thank you for sending me a letter.
Love, Michael Jackson

dear michael ,
just had to let you know how disgusted i was with the interview on tv in england.People these days have bad minds . i wanted to write to you some years ago when greed allowed that family to accuse you in the wrong,but i didn,t have any way of finding an address. my name is kathryn and i am 47 years old both my children have been fans since they were small,the first time we took them to america natalie the eldest girl was spotted inpersonating you and was asked by disney to do an advert when we arrived home in england we were bombarded by the press it was good, but i found that they were saying i had said this and that,which we new i hadn't. any way my heart goes out to you and would like to be able to shield you from these nasty people.
There is an open invitation to come and stay with us, no-one would have to know about it you could have some fun with people you could trust and you would be cared for in the way you have always tried to care for others. i do hope you get this email

Love kathryn thompson

hi! nn ho voglia d skrivere in english quind t arrang ;)
volevo dire sl 1 ks:
mj is the best!
a parte quegli episod a noi tutti conosciamo, pdflia(nn so se crederci),qnd ha fatto vedere prince michael II ai suoi fans(sn + ke certa ke nn voleva ucciderlo),il fatto ke ha fatto gettare da 1 mago il malokkio sui suoi avversari km spielberg(c pss anke credere ma ke x il rito siano state sacrificate 15mukke no!nn da lui,nn c voglio credere ,i love animals)penso ke questo basti!
I nn so se mj visita ogni tanto isuoi siti e legge alcune e-mail! fra tutte quelle ke ho scritto questa la + seria e mi piacerebbe se la pensassero kome me! devota a mj,
1 raga kon dei gusti a dir poko macabri! bye bye ps;
ciao michael jackson!!

Hi, My name is Elizabeth and I'm a huge fan of Michael but I have a question that me and my friends have been confused about and thought you might know. Do you have any kind of clue what Michael considers children? My friends and I want Michael to know and love us as children and not teenagers.(All my friends and me are 12 & 13 years old.) We love Michael like he's a father to us and especially me because I don't have a father and when I listen to his music I feel like a father is singing me to sleep. So if you can get a chance could you please answer this question or if you don't know could you mail this message to Michael? This question means a lot to me and my other friends who are major fans of his wonderful work.

Elizabeth, Angela, and Candace

Dear Elizabeth, Angela and Candace,

I was happy to get your e-mail. I have a pretty good idea what Michael thinks a child is. I think, he believes that childern are anyone who has an innocence to them. That could very well, be anyone at any age. So, he could consider you as childern. In my personal belief, anyone with an open mind to knowledge and a playful quaility to life is a child. I think Michael has about the same thought as I do. Thank you for asking!

-Kristin ((Webmaster of Michael Online))

I am writing to you from Tunisia seeking help,knowing a lot about your great deeds and your genious ever-lasting efforts to make the dreams of millions all around the world come true! I would just like to be able to visit the United States before dying...
Could the greatest King help me ?
I'm sure you can ; so please accept to reply as soon as possible.
my e-mail:
Please accept my extremely warmful regards. Sincerely, from Ramsey.
Special thanks in advance.