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Welcome to my rantings page! This is for all those fans out there who are completely fustrated with people making fun of them for liking Michael, Tabloid junk, and anti-Media stuff. This will be hopfully sent to michael, or somehow oneday will get Michael to see this page. Well, here it is for all you fans to say whatever you want to say to Michael, and/or say your fustrations with the press/friends/tabloids.


I am so sick of people constantly putting me down for liking Michael. Whenever I like something and talk about it ONCE people ask if I am obsessed with it/him/her. Then I am known around the school as 'Michael's girl' 'Mrs. Jackson.' It's so irritating sometimes. I like Michael, yes I do, but I don't want to be difined for liking him. I love yeah Mike, but I can't really stand all this. I get ragged on because of HIS choices, like his surgry, his voice, the way he looks, what he buys, so on and so fourth. I can remember one day when this really got on my nerves.

I was eating lunch in the art room, because the teacher lets the next class eat there if that want too. This mean boy comes in and sits down beside me. Then startes to ask me tons of questions about my liking of Michael. He asked me 'Do you want to have his child?' I looked at him weirdly and tried to pretend he wasn't there. then he asked 'Why did he get plastic surgery?' Then 'Will his nose fall off?' 'Did he bleach his skin? Would you brake your leg to meet him? Have you ever thought you loved him? Is he really a girl?' and he keep going on and on and on... I nearly decked the poor boy for that. But I did 'Acidently' spilled the rest of my lunch in his lap.

Has anyone else had anything like that happen to them? Please tell me I'm atleast not alone on this.